December  2017 – A Visual Journey Magazine

A Glimpse of Autumn in Ontario

In Canada we’re fortunate to enjoy the beautiful Autumn season, also known as “Fall” to people in North America. Mother Nature paints the forests many colours after a summer of soothing green.

It’s the season for nature walks, fall festivals, farmers’ markets – and memories to last a lifetime. Our journey this time will be in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Please come with me – you’re always welcome. Allons-y!

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September 2017 – A Visual Journey Magazine

A Glimpse of Grey County, Ontario

Let me show you some sights; breathe the beautiful air, and taste some delicious food. We’ll visit the fields and mysterious country roads and experience the magic … A lot is happening here with agriculture, lakes, peaceful country life and pure beauty. I’ll see you in the morning. Grey County is waiting for you.

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