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Our latest free magazine is “A Glimpse of South America”.    Is South America – The World’s Most Beautiful Continent?

Mountains, delicious food, beautiful smiles, mighty rivers, teeming with animals and flowers, high deserts, aphrodisiacs (wait, how did that word get in here?!), wine, fruit ……

Ok, so South America has a lot going for it. Don’t take my word for it. Turn the pages with me and you decide for yourself.

Is South America really that special? We’re going to three regions to give us a good sample of what this continent has to offer. Let me know what you think!




My parents were foreign language professors, so I started traveling at a very early age. When you make your first move to a foreign country at the age of 5, travel and adapting fast become part of your DNA. Since then, as an entrepreneur, mother and wife, I’ve visited or lived in many countries. Some trips were shorter vacation jaunts, but many were for work and involved longer stays.

While the landscapes and landmarks were often breathtaking, for me, it’s always been about the people.

As different as the languages or the clothing, music or the customs might be, the basic, human commonalities are greater—love, family and friendship. And, virtually, nowhere is this expressed more than in sitting down together and sharing a good, home-cooked meal—whether eaten with knives and forks, fingers or chopsticks.

From the Netherlands to Nigeria, Australia to Argentina, Japan to Jamaica and Iceland to Italy, people everywhere have a story tell, if you’re only willing to listen. And part of that story is told through their food. The ingredients, the cooking techniques, the passing down of recipes from generation to generation are where the magic happens. Experiencing that magic of combining food and travel has been a life long inspiration and passion.

If you follow me on Instagram, @bakingcuisinetravel.fun, you’re probably well aware of my passion for learning about, preparing, and sharing food with the people I care about–including finding ways to create healthier versions of favorite recipes, without sacrificing taste. I love the discussions and exchange of tips and information that happen when we can meet on social media and learn from each other.

And if you’ve arrived at this website, it’s probably a passion you share.

So please join me on my journey exploring exotic, far-away places, as well as those close to home, but always with an eye for the beauty and bounty of the land, nature, the people and their food.