Learn a little about us at, as we embrace good health and good food. The founder, Cathy, is a home baker and chef and a life long entrepreneur. Her Italian roots were calling her at a young age and she began baking and cooking with her mother and grandmother. Her lifelong interest in healthy living has grown into a full time passion. She has concerns about sugar addiction especially in North America and the number of ingredients that are hidden in processed foods, leading to health problems and allergies. With many genetic modifications to our food supply, affecting the quality of our food, seeking out organic and non GMO alternatives is imperative. With Cathy’s philosophy that we can train our children’s taste buds early to embrace natural sweeteners, reject deep fried foods, lower salt and reduced oil.  This allows a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived. Fitness plays a big part in healthy living as well and should be part of everyone’s regime. Making much of your own food helps in maintaining good health. The recipes we have on our website, might just make this quest a little easier.

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